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Using Ooyala Video on Secure Websites

Ooyala Video Streaming ServiceOur client’s journey with the Ooyala Video publishing platform continues on. One of the techniques they wanted to employ was to incorporate video into the order pages to reinforce the purchase call to action. Specifically, they wanted to incorporate the Ooyala video onto an Infusionsoft order form.

Why Ooyala

Ooyala Engagement AnalyticsOne of Ooyala’s great strengths is that you can measure the consumption of your video content not only by views but by how long people spend watching the video. This can be useful to fine tune your messaging and to make sure you’re not losing your audience.

Whither Ooyala HTTPS Support

The Ooyala player API documentation and embeds provided through the backlot system are all HTTP links. This of course creates an issue when mixed on a secure HTTPS page where you’re processing credit cards as some browsers may emit warnings to the user that the web page is not secure.

The solution in this case was to use the undocumented Ooyala HTTPS player. The normal HTTP player is located at http://player.ooyala.com. By changing references from this domain to https://www.ooyala.com, you can make the player run without causing error messages or warnings.


Standard Player: http://player.ooyala.com/player.js

Secure HTTPS Player: https://www.ooyala.com/player.js

Ooyala Player API Documentation: http://www.ooyala.com/support/docs/player_api

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